Multi-website platform that sells training courses

Building a multi-site platform for NCOI Group is easily the biggest project I have worked on during my period at Evident. NCOI and its subsidiary companies offer educational programs for the working classes. During the project, I grew into lead front-end developer. Additionally, I managed to claim responsibility for some of the UX-tasks for NCOI, and created visual designs for several websites.

The platform consists of tens of white label websites with the same purpose: selling training courses. The scrum team I was part of had the task to build new and merge existing websites into the platform and making them responsive in the process, and expanding functionality with each iteration.

I helped speeding up development for transitioning a non-responsive website to a responsive one, by writing reusable jQuery-plugins for components such as navigation, faceted search and content tables. With the upcoming of CSS pre-processors, I advocated for integrating Sass into the codebase in order to facilitate maintenance.

Screenshot of a course overview page on
Faceted search on, based on my jQuery plugin

The companies I have worked for, are NCOIScheideggerComputrainNIBE-SVVBVO and Markus Verbeek Praehep.