Spoorzoeker, welk dier was hier?

An app that stimulates kids to explore the outside world

Staatsbosbeheer is one of the Dutch’ organizations responsible for protecting and controlling several natural reserves. Getting outside is heavily promoted, and its organized activities help to achieve this goal.

​​In order to promote the outside world to its younger target group, Staatsbosbeheer partnered with my former employer Evident to create the ‘Spoorzoeker’ app. With this app, available for iOS and Android, children can scout for any traces left behind by animals. Paw prints, leftovers, nests and faeces are documented well. By traversing through a decision tree, the aspiring forest rangers can then find out which animal was there. To help with making the most accurate decisions, the app provides multiple handy tools such as a ruler.

A screenshot of the tools screen: a list of available tools such as a ruler, compass and magnifying glass
All available tools in the app
A screenshot of the ruler tool in the app
The ruler helps children measure traces

The content used in the app’s main feature described above, is reused in a simple quiz. It randomly selects an image of a trace and pairs it with the image of animal responsible for the trace and an one of another animal. The user has to answer the question ‘which animal was here?’. Each quiz consists of ten questions and users are ultimately encouraged to get a perfect score. When they do, they are greeted as a super-expert.

A screenshot of the in-app quiz
Example of a question
A screenshot of the quiz result when all 10 questions have been answers correctly
Quiz result screen

​​As a visual designer, I aimed to create the experience of a rangers’ notebook. Text is handwritten and icons are sketched. Also, there are some visual elements to contribute to the experience. For example, a little feather sticked to a page with a description of the type of bird, and an autumn leave put between pages in order to preserve it.

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